A quick little dashboard of various projects and ideas.

Ocean – Scheme for .NET: a work in progress. I would not yet call it alpha. The idea is to build an R6RS Scheme on top of the .NET framework, extending the language as conservatively as possible (which, in Scheme, is pretty conservative) to interact with the .NET framework. These extensions will be turn-offable so that the user can use any predefined versions of his own. Currently being worked on: implementing macros. Web page:

Latrunculi : Beta, on hold. Latrunculi provided the motivation for Ocean. As a result, it is being put on hold until Ocean is mature enough to compile it using .NET libraries (as opposed to the bindings being used currently). Graphics, particularly the board, are pretty slick if I do say so myself.

Lambda Overlay: Gentoo is a wonderful system. Really. I am a tinkerer by nature and I love to play with new languages. Just for kicks. So, it would be nice if Gentoo could handle these toys. Fortunately, it can through the use of overlays. I have begun work on an overlay to hold various exotic languages for experimentation. Source for ebuilds so far will be forthcoming.

Emu: an idea for a database access language (DAL). I find SQL very unsatisfactory. It is, essentially, BASIC crossed with some set theory. It works and it is as old as the hills–but there’s got to be a better way. As ideas come to me I have been jotting them down. Once I have enough I will start writing something of an unofficial spec. It will probably start appearing here more often as I get closer to fleshing it out.

Swearinary: a simple program written in C# (using SQLite and GTK#) to find and remove offensive language from text. Should work for HTML as well, if you are willing to endure seeing the tags in the text area. Both source and a binary are included. If you want to build, you will need a C# 2.0
compiler (I developed with Mono’s), GTK# 2.4, SQLite 3 (the version that came with Mono), and nant 0.85. Current version 0.1.

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